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Next Meeting -            April 17         Speaker: Gary Henson                 "35th Anniversary of Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Eden Park "

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Fort Dunlap Photo
Fort Dunlap Photo
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.




Third Wednesday of Month

6:30 - 8:30pm


The Coleraine Historical Society meets the third Wednesday of each month  

6:30pm                  Meet and Greet with light refreshments

7:00 – 8:00pm      Speaker/Program

                                                              Public welcome to attend monthly program

8:00 – 8:30pm     Membership Meeting



Membership Meetings will be held at:


Northwest Community Church

8735 Cheviot Road in front of Colerain High School

Upcoming Meetings and Speakers

April 17, 2019                                  Gary Henson


“35th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Eden Park”


A Vietnam era soldier stands looking down at the ground. On his left, a second soldier stands with his left foot resting on a stump and his right hand resting on the other soldier's shoulder. The red granite represents bloodshed.


The Memorial, overlooking the Ohio River in Eden Park, consists of 2 servicemen on an inscribed pedestal.       Although the elements of the Memorial are uncomplicated,  the discussion leading to the Memorial’s dedication was anything but..


There were protests when Eden Park's bronze sculpture of two soldiers was dedicated;     now in April 2019, we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of a once-controversial Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Cincinnati



MAY 15, 2019                           MILLIE HENLEY

                                            Reenactment Historian


Everyone has seen pictures of Martha Washington.


She’s the little white-haired lady in a mobcap. But Martha was much more than that.


Her unfailing support of her husband throughout eight long years of the Revolutionary War and through eight incredibly difficult and contentious years of the first presidency made all the difference in George Washington’s ability to perform what he was called upon to do for the nation.
Millie Henley of Historical Connections will tell about Martha’s life of love and support when she presents Martha Washington, Indispensable Woman for the Indispensable Man.


She will wear period attire and use Power Point illustrations to bring the inspiring stories to life.    



JUNE 19, 2019       Speaker Pending 

The origins of Civil Air Patrol date to 1936, when Gill Robb Wilson, World War I aviator and New Jersey director of aeronautics, returned from Germany convinced of impending war. Wilson envisioned mobilizing America’s civilian aviators for national defense, an idea shared by others.

In Ohio, Milton Knight, a pilot and businessman, organized and incorporated the Civilian Air Reserve (CAR) in 1938. Other military-styled civilian aviation units emerged nationwide, training for homeland defense.

World War II and Postwar/1941-1948
In January 1942, German submarines began attacking merchant vessels along the East Coast. With the military unable to respond in force, CAP established coastal patrol flights to deter, report and prevent enemy operations.

Cold War/1950-1975
Post-World War II, CAP focused its efforts on three core missions – Cadet Program, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education. 

Evolving Missions/1976-2000

The latter half of the Cold War witnessed the further expansion of CAP roles and capabilities. In 1979, CAP began flying Military Training Route surveys for the Strategic Air Command and the Tactical Air Command. A 1985 agreement with the U.S. Customs Service saw CAP conducting counterdrug reconnaissance missions for law enforcement.



The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, ushered CAP into a new era of homeland defense. With increased federal funding and creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CAP received new technologies for its emergency services, including hyperspectral imaging, improved airborne communication, forward-looking infrared systems, GPS-equipped glass cockpit avionics and geospatial information interoperability.              


JULY 17, 2019                      Mary Burdett


Its our Quasquibicentennial...


"The 225th Anniversary of Colerain Township"    

AUGUST 21, 2019          


What: Annual Indoor Picnic          

When: Wednesday, August 21, 2019  6:00 – 8:30 pm


Where: Location to be determined


Who: Members and invited guests


By August 15th please RSVP to email:






SEPTEMBER 18, 2019         Shane Meeker


“A History of Procter & Gamble”




William Procter, emigrating from England, established himself as a candle maker in Cincinnati, which was a busy center of commerce and industry in the early nineteenth century.     And James Gamble, arriving from Ireland, apprenticed himself to a soap maker. The two might never have met had they not married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris, whose father convinced his new sons-in-law to become business partners.


As a result, in 1837, a bold new enterprise was born: Procter & Gamble.        



 OCTOBER 16, 2019          Chris Henson & Larry Shad



The Blue Rock/ Banning Toll House



Powerpoint Presentation



NOVEMBER 20, 2019            Mary Burdett


The 55th Anniversary of

The Coleraine Historical Society




DECEMBER 4, 2019     ***First Wednesday of December           


Annual Society Holiday Party


Please email RSVP to  

by Fri. Nov 29



JANUARY 15, 2020                 


NO Membership Meeting (as it usually snows!)       

Installation ceremony for new Officers and Trustees will be at Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 7th




FEBRUARY   2020               Program Pending









March 18, 2020                          Program Pending



MARCH MEETING              


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