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Fort Dunlap Photo
Fort Dunlap Photo
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.

Ft Dunlap Outline


 To facilitate and coordinate the outlining of the Ft. Dunlap “Footprint” native Trees.

This Project to be completed solely through donations.


With help of White Oak Garden Center, a detailed plan for planting 24 Native Trees has been developed. As monies are donated to the project, trees will be planted.


Tree Cost $250 each

Details coming soon on donating to Ft Dunlap Outline Project


 Project Chairperson: CHRIS HENSON 385-6607

Use "Contact Us" Page for questions or to Volunteer

1.       White OAK        planted 9/2019           12.     Service Berry       _________________

2.       Tulip POPLAR   planted 9/2019             13.     Service Berry       _________________

3.       Sugar MAPLE   _______________            14.     Service Berry       __________________

4.       Burr OAK          _______________            15.     Service Berry       __________________

5.       Tulip POPLAR   _______________            16.     Paw-Paw            __________________

6.       Chickapin OAK ______________            17.     Paw-Paw            __________________

7.       HICKORY          _______________            18.     Paw-Paw            __________________

8.       Red Bud           _______________            19.     Paw-Paw            __________________

9.       Red Bud           _______________            20. ?   Red Bud/Paw-Paw  ______________

10.     Red Bud        ____________________      21. ?   Red Bud/Paw-Paw  ______________

11.     Red Bud        ____________________      22. ?   Red Bud/Paw-Paw  ______________

                                                                           23.     Service Berry       _________________

                                                                           24.     Service Berry       _________________


The scale model of

Dunlap’s Station,

built by member 

Bob Muehlenhard

has a new home!





It will now be on permanent display in the Rotunda of  

the Colerain Township Administration Building


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