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Fort Dunlap Photo
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.

Welcome To The Coleraine Historical Society  Preserving History of Colerain Township located in Southwest Ohio, USA



  • Sat. April 8   10:00am to 2:00pm - CHS Museum Open
  • Sat. April 19 CHS Monthly Meeting  
  • Mon. April 24 Dine & Donate - Eli's Bar & Grille in Ross                   
  • Check PHOTO GALLERY - new pictures added!!!


Let the Eagle Watch Begin!!!

Will there be an eaglet in 2023?


It’s that time of year again, when “Eagle Watchers” all over Ohio eagerly await the first signs of “eaglets”.


2021 was a tough year for Our Heritage Park Eagles, Brian & Robin… a major nest collapse, their eaglet missing for almost 2 weeks, and having to build a NEW nest in a new location. Still recovering from 2021, there was no eaglet in 2022. Fingers crossed for 2023!


Brian & Robin have been seen in their new nest continuously, which leads to speculation that they are incubating an egg (or two).

However, as the trees begin to get leaves, this new nest location will be tougher to watch. Anyone capturing eagle pictures that they would be willing to share, please forward to:


For the latest on the Eagle Watch, click on tab "Heritage Park - Bald Eagles.


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Colerain Township Items

The Purpose of the Coleraine Historical Society is to acquire

and preserve the historical knowledge and materials of

Colerain Township, Ohio.



The Coleraine Historical Society is seeking items, trinkets, signs, furniture, pictures, documents, etc. that tell the history of Colerain Township.


Have you cleaned your attic or storage area recently?

Have you helped a family member downsize their home?


Recently CHS Members spent time purging items from our storage areas…what we realized is that we had many

“Old” items; but what we really need to concentrate on preserving are:   “Old COLERAIN TOWNSHIP items”.


If you have anything  you would like to donate to our Museum, please email us at




Yearbooks Wanted

The Coleraine Historical Society frequently receives requests for COLERAIN and NORTHWEST High School Year Books.

At this point we are seeking all years.


As we expand our collection, we will post the years we are missing on website.

If you have a yearbook you would like to donate to our Museum, please email us at


Volunteers Needed

We are seeking Volunteers to take Documents and Pictures home


CHS has thousands of items that are not digitized.

If you would be willing to take a box or two home to scan, we will provide flashdrive. Contact CHRIS HENSON.






 updated Monthly



For all Township News and Events be sure to sign up for the emailed newsletter Cerkl at:


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