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Fort Dunlap Photo
Fort Dunlap Photo
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.

Heritage Park - CHS Memorial Walkway


2024 CHS Memorial Bricks Dedication

May 11, 2024      




This year we are placing bricks in Walkway for following CHS Members:

     Tim Heather          Larry Hollis        Viola Kist           Sandra Shea        


Family and friends are invited to join us at the dedication

as we remember these CHS members who have passed.


The CHS Memorial Walkway Project was conceived as a way to honor Coleraine Historical Society Members who have passed; but who, during their lifetime, worked to preserve Township History for future generations.  


Inscribed memorial bricks will be placed in a pathway from the Toll House to the Dunlap's Station Outline in Heritage Park. After all, Dunlap's Station is where our story began.



 Currently, the Society will purchase a Brick to remember a CHS member who passes while active in the Society. But many before have made significant contributions since the Society was founded in 1964, to preserving Township History.


If you would like to purchase a brick or contribute so that           we may honor those who have passed, please: 

mail check to CHS at P.O. Box 53726; Cincinnati, OH 45253

OR email for PayPal invoice



New Bricks to be added to Walkway each May




Memorial Bricks





The Memorial Brick Walkway had the first 50 Bricks installed

on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

THANKS to the labor provided by Larry Shad, Raj Rajagopal,

Gary Henson and Chris Henson.

And a SPECIAL THANKS to Betty Sandoz for Water, Chick-fil-A lunch and Cookies.

Memorial Walkway Dedication

Dedication held October 29, 2020

The following is from the Dedication ceremony...


Founded in 1964, the Coleraine Historical Society’s mission is to help people connect with Colerain Township's past in order to understand the present and create a better future.

Over the past 54 years, Society members have worked tirelessly to acquire and preserve historical knowledge, materials and artifacts of Colerain Township, OH. They have helped people research family history, preserved Township cemeteries, rescued abandoned historic buildings, and restored objects of historic interest such as the Giles-Richards Watering Trough.

The Memorial Walkway Project was conceived as a way to honor Coleraine Historical Society Members who have passed; but who, during their lifetime, worked to preserve Township History for future generations.  

Inscribed memorial bricks will be placed in a pathway from the Toll House to the Dunlap Station Outline in Heritage Park. After all, Dunlap Station is where our story began.


 Current plans are for the Society to purchase a Brick to honor a Society member who passes while active in the Society. But many more CHS members, who are no longer with us, have served the community and made significant contributions to preserving Colerain Township History. Through future fundraising efforts and donations, we hope to honor their memory.


Installation of first 50 Bricks was completed Saturday, October 17. Today, October 29, 2020, we are officially dedicating the Memorial Brick Walkway at Heritage Park.


2004           RUTH WELLS

Passed away March 2, 2004 at the age of 96. There just is not enough time at this Dedication to list her accomplishments or the impact she had on Colerain Township and College Hill History preservation.

Ruth Wells was Founder and first President of The Coleraine Historical Society.

For Colerain Townships Bicentennial in 1986 she wrote “Colerain Township Revisited 1774-1794”


2011           JULIA ROSE HIRSCH

Passed away in 2011. She was a member for many years of CHS. Julia’s son Denny is a current member of CHS.


2012           RON BURGESS

Passed away on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at the age of 83.   2 of the many positions held by Ron were:  Trustee 2006-2009 and Recording Secretary 2010-2012

Ron generously donated $10,000 to CHS which helped to create and sustain our Museum.


2013          RALPH SANDOZ

Passed away November 29, 2013 at the age of 93.

Ralph was a Colerain Township Trustee 1990 to 1994.

He was an active member of CHS for many years. Ralph’s wife Betty continues his legacy of preserving history and actively supporting CHS.



Passed away on August 8, 2019 age 87


2019           IZOLA WHITE

Passed away in 2019. While she wasn’t a member for long, her impact still remains. Izola taught the CHS members PowerPoint…meetings and programs look very different thanks to Izola White.



Passed away July 7, 2020 at the age of 67, one day shy of her 68th birthday.

Marian loved local history and worked tirelessly for many years with CHS as both an officer and committee member. Highlighting just a positions include:

President 1996-1999                        Recording Secretary 2002-2004

Trustee 2004-2006                 Corresponding Secretary 2009-2013


2020           EARL CORSON

Passed away on August 27, 2020 at the age of 83. Earl was a walking encyclopedia of history. He served for many years as President of Crosby Township Historical Society. And in 2018 Earl and Larry Shad had an adventure driving the 557 mile Ohio John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail.


2020           DAVID SHEA

Passed away on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at the age of 83. A quiet presence and great smile. David was one of those people happy supporting others. No task was too small. David was one of the first people at any meeting or event and was always one of the last to leave.



Today, May 22, 2021


we are placing 24 new


bricks in the pathway.





First, we recognize

7 of the 10 Founders:


1980       MARTIN FREY

One of the Founders of CHS, MARTIN FREY passed away in 1980 at the age of 79. A lifelong resident of Groesbeck, FREY was owner and operator of Martin Frey Contractors.


1988     GEORGE COON

One of the Founders of CHS, Passed away in 1988. He was a member for many years of CHS.


1993                RUTH MOORE-WEDIG

One of the Founders of CHS, Passed away in 1993 at the age of 84.  Ruth was married Edward Wedig after her first husband, CHS Member WILLARD F. MOORE passed in 1979. In addition to CHS, Ruth was a member of Daughters of American Revolution, U.S. Daughters of 1812, Daughters of American Colonies, and Colonial Dames and Huguenots Society.


1995               EVERETT WELCH

One of the Founders of CHS, Passed away in 1995 at the age of 93.


2001                LLOYD BECKER

One of the Founders of CHS, Passed away in 2001 at the age of 85.


2004                PETER KRAUSHAR

One of the Founders of CHS, JOSEPH PETER KRAUSHAR passed away in 2004 in Tucson, AZ at the age of 88. Born in Cincinnati in 1915, he served in the Army during WWII. Less than a year after founding CHS, Peter and his wife moved to the Arizona desert due to Peter’s lung condition. One of Peter’s claims of fame, was that he had visited every continent except Antarctica.


2007        KATHRYN WURTZ

One of the Founders of CHS, passed away in 2007 at the age of 84.


14 Other Members, we are recognizing today are:

1979               WILLARD FOX MOORE

Passed away in 1979 at the age of 82. He was a retired engineer from Powell Valve Company. He served in Marine Corps during WWI. In addition to being a member of CHS and the Cincinnati Historical Society Moore was a member of the Sons of American Revolution, Sons of the Union Veterans of Civil War, Hugenot Society of Ohio and American Legion. Moore left behind, 1 son CHS Member Willard Austin Moore and 4 daughters; 20 grandchildren (including 2021 Pageant Editor Tere Moore) and 8 great-grandchildren.


1995               WILLARD AUSTIN MOORE

 Passed away in 1995. Father of 2021 Pageant Editor Tere Moore

1993                ROSELLA HERRMANN

Passed away in 1993 at the age


2008               BAILEY ROGERS

Passed away in 2008 at the age of 61. An avid genealogist, Bailey could trace his family tree back to Charlemagne. With fellow CHS Member Linda Ebersole, in 1994 Bailey mapped and recorded all gravestones in Township Cemeteries which they published in the book “Gravestone Inscriptions and Cemetery Records of Colerain Township 1794-1994”. 


2009               MICHAEL MOHR

Passed away in 2009 at the age of 79. After retiring from Cincinnati Water Works, Mike became a Practical Nurse. He was an Air Force veteran of Korea and served as a Red Cross volunteer for over 20 years. From 1992 to 2008, he was President of CHS.


2011               JOAN HUGHES

JOAN (POPPE) HUGHES passed away in 2011 at the age of 88. Mother of 4, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of 34.


2013               MARIAN TRADER

Passed away in 2013 at the age of 89. Marian was a Life Member of the Girl Scouts, and member of the Eastern Star. A devoted Reds fan, Marian also enjoyed square dancing with the Hayloft Barn-Grand Squares Club. Marian’s daughter JoAnn (Trader) Bertram currently serves as CHS Vice President (2021).


 2013              CLARE WEINSHENKER

ELODIE CLARE WEINSHENKER passed away in 2013 at the age of 83. Born in Hamilton, Bermuda, Clare graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She led a life of service to her family, friends and community and worked at many volunteer organizations.


 2013              ROBERT MUEHLENHARD

Passed away in 2013 at the age of 97. Norm and his wife Louise were married for 72 years. He retired from Procter and Gamble. Bob was brother to CHS Members Norman Muehlenhard and Florence Goetz.



DONALD MARK WILLOUGHBY passed away in 2014 at the age of 54. Mark served as CHS Fundraising Trustee for 2 years 2013-2014. Mark was a CHS Member for a short time but left a great void. He created the CHS Facebook page with the popular “What’s It Wednesday” picture contest. With his brother-in-law Rob Sizemore, Mark fulfilled a lifelong quest to find the remains of the sunken Civil War ship, The Sultana. His find lead to a PBS special, which aired shortly before his death.  




 2015               NORMAN MUEHLENHARD

Passed away in 2015 at the age of 96. Norm and his wife Eileen were married for 70 years. He was a WWII veteran who served in the US Army. He retired from Procter and Gamble. A lifelong resident of Colerain Township, Norm was active in politics and served as a Township Trustee from 1959 through 1977. Norm was brother to CHS Members Robert Muehlenhard and Florence Goetz.


 2021              JOHN EBERSOLE

A casualty of the COVID pandemic, John passed away on January 19, 2021 at the age of 70. He enjoyed activities such as square dancing, carpentry and was a jack of all trades. John and Linda were married for 47 years.


2021               LINDA EBERSOLE

On March 25, 2021 LINDA RUEDENAUER EBERSOLE passed just 65 days after she lost her husband John to COVID-19. She and John were married for 47 years.

She loved genealogy, square dancing, clogging, crocheting, playing cards and reading.

Linda held several CHS offices, was a valuable genealogy resource and worked on numerous committees. Two of Linda’s most notable contributions were the generous donation of the wood cabinet/base for the Dunlap Station Model and in 1994, with CHS Member Bailey Rogers, mapped and recorded all gravestones in Township Cemeteries which they published in the book “Gravestone Inscriptions and Cemetery Records of Colerain Township 1794-1994”.



And just recently, we lost our eldest member,



Florence Muehlenhard Goetz passed away on Friday, May 7, 2021 at the age of 97. Florence had been a member of the Coleraine Historical Society since she and her husband Herbert joined in 1985. Herbert Goetz passed away in 2003.

Florence was born in Colerain Township and lived here until recently. Her parents were William and Ida Zoellner Muehlenhard. She lived with her sister, Esther, and brothers Herbert, Robert, Norman and William on the family farm. Three generations of the Muehlenhard family lived on and worked the farm from 1885 till 1954 when the property on Pippin Road was sold and became the subdivision Northbrook.

The land was part of the Symmes Purchase. In 1792, the land was purchased by John Symmes from the U.S. Government. In 1862, the farm was purchased by Joseph Stout, Jr. The Stout family name is familiar in Colerain Township history. Herman Muehlenhard bought the property from the Stout family in 1885, and from 1910-1922 leased it to his son, William H. Muehlenhard. William bought it in 1922 and sold it in 1954.

Florence and her family have a wonderful history from their ancestors to pass on. Along with Florence and Herbert, two of her brothers, Robert, William and Norman, were also members of the Coleraine Historical Society. Herb served as Secretary from 1988-1995. Both Herb and Florence volunteered for many committees and worked on society activities as well. In addition, Florence participated on the 1994 Bicentennial Committee.

Florence was a stay-at-home mom to her daughters, Connie, Debbie, Cindy and Beverly.

She was a dedicated volunteer over the years. She served as a room mother and was active in PTA, along with Herb. She was a Camp Fire Girl leader and taught Sunday School when her children were small. Herb and Florence also directed Church family camps. Florence was a volunteer at Providence Hospital and just recently retired from her volunteer work at the YMCA. She worked on a project for Matthew 25 by cutting plastic bags that are made into sleeping mats for people in depressed areas of the world.

And, of course, her volunteer spirit was much appreciated by the Coleraine Historical Society.

She had a quiet manner about her; but she could be depended upon to show up and roll up her sleeves. We will miss that smile…




 May 7, 2022


Placed 14 new

bricks in the pathway.






Passed away on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at the age of 74. Resident of Dunlap.


Beloved husband of CHS Life Member Mary (nee Maner) Burdett for 54 years.


Devoted father of Michelle L. Burdett and CHS Member Thomas E. Burdett.




Les was active in and a member of Friendship Baptist Church for 54 years, Mt. Healthy Chapter Izaak Walton League of America for 49 years, lifetime member of Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Boy Scouts for 41 years, Troop and Crew 644, Dan Beard Council, Cincinnati, Coleraine Historical Society, Colerain Twp. and a life member of the National Rifle Association. He was employed at Emery Industries for over 30 years, a Colerain High School graduate of 1965 and also a Navy Veteran serving on the USS Kittyhawk during the Vietnam War.



2012-2014 CHS Trustee - Publicity



2021                DON BERNHARDT

Don passed away on Monday, October 4, 2021. Age 92. He was married to Garnet M. Hoberg.  Don was father to 4 daughters: Jenni Bernhardt Moody, Gayla Bernhardt Epure, Denise Bernhardt Davis and Darla Bernhardt. At time of his death he was Grandfather of 5 and great grandfather of 8.



2014       ROBERT FINLEY

Robert J. Finley passed away on November 5, 2014 at the age of 84. He was married to Mary Heidel and had 5 children: Bill Finley, Debbie Finley Zeisler, Patty Finley Brownfield, Connie Finley Burns and Peggy Finley Boudreaux. At time of his death he was Grandfather of 12 and great grandfather of 9




Harry Harwood Garrison passed away on September 19, 2013 at the age of 77. Harry was father of Marshall Harwood Garrison and son of the late James Harwood Garrison and Dahlia B. (nee Johnson) Garrison.

Excerpt from his obituary reads: Harry was the sole proprietor of the Player Piano Shop, enthusiast & restorer of all variety of automated musical instruments, life-time entertainer performing magic acts & smoke-ring blowing, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Featured in local television & national media, selected one of Cincy Magazine's Most Interesting People of 2010.

Raconteur, gourmand, fine-arts supporter & lover of music, particularly traditional & Dixieland jazz, boogie-woogie piano, blues, bluegrass, & opera. Historian of Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Westwood, & Colerain Township; craftsman, traveler, latter-day renaissance man, noted by many friends & colleagues for having a remarkable memory & his ability to recall detail. An unforgettable character, he will be sorely missed.




Margaret A. Roettger Lohstroh “Peggy” passed away on        June 2, 2013 at the age of 76. She had been married to her husband Ed for 55 years. Mother to 4 children: Michael Lohstroh, Karen Lohstroh Stevens, Steven Lohstroh and Melissa Lohstroh Swingle. At time of her death, she was Grandmother to 9 and great grandmother of 1.

2007-2009 Refreshment Chair



2008       CAROL HASKAMP

Carol Schrantz Haskamp passed away January 15, 2008 at the age of   54. She was married to CHS Member Dennis Haskamp for 36 years.

Mother to 5 children: Denise Haskamp Chavarria, Patricia Haskamp Haller, Timothy Haskamp, Julie Haskamp McCane, and Kristi Haskamp Ruehl. At the time of her death, Carol was grandmother to 13.Carol was a descendant of one of the first families to settle Hamilton County, a Daughter of the American Revolution, and Girl Scout Leader.

2003-2006 CHS Trustee – Documents & Pageant


2007       GREG SNYDER

Gregory L. Snyder passed away on August 3, 2007 at the age of 56. He was married to Linda Gebing and had 4 children: Jeffrey Snyder, Douglas Ruhe, Nicole Simpson and Andrew Ruhe. He was son of the late Colerain Fire Chief Corky Snyder and wife Lillian.

CHS President 1990-1993


If you walk on the Heritage Park walking path you have probably seen the Memorial dedicated to Greg Snyder:

Throughout Greg Snyder's long career with Colerain Township, he has taken great pride in preserving our history and serving our great community. From his days as a firefighter through his tenure as Director of Parks & Services and Special Events Coordinator, he has been a man who brings compassion, laughter, and fun to our residents and to those he knows and loves. His dream of a community where people can play, relax, gather, and learn has become a reality. With heartfelt thanks for his service to Colerain Township, we dedicate this site to Greg Snyder.



Greg's Connection to the “Abner Hunt Tree”

It has been said over the years that Abner Hunt was buried in the Dunlap's Station Cemetery. A tree stood in Dunlap Station Cemetery for over 200 years before it was struck by lightning in 1997.

Since Abner Hunt had no permanent marker, could this have been the spot where Abner Hunt was buried?

In 1997, Greg Snyder, then Colerain Township Parks Director, saved a limb from the tree and gave it to Fred Gaviglia. Fred gave the limb to I.H. Bolinger a master wood carver. Mr. Bolinger made a gavel out of the limb by hand. He carved it, polished it and varnished it. Then presented it to the Coleraine Historical Society.


2006       ANNE SPRINGER

Anna Marie Beach Springer passed away on August 1, 2006 at the age of 74. In 1951, she married Charles Louis Springer. Anne & Charles had 3 children: Craig A. Springer, Louis E. Springer, and Joyce A. Springer Bush. At the time of her death, she had 7 grandchildren. They lived on Royal Glen Drive.

CHS President 1994-1996



2005       JOHN O’NEIL

John Thomas O’Neil passed away on October 6, 2005 at the age of 88. At time of his death, his obituary listed 9 nieces & nephews, 4 great nieces, 1 great nephew and 4 great-great nephews. A lifelong resident of College Hill, his home (located at 1502 Astor Place) was put on National Historic Registry as part of the Underground Railroad.

John retired from the Cincinnati Police Force and was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Queen City Lodge #69. He was a member of Montgomery Masonic Lodge #94, Royal Arch Masons of Ohio, Acacia Chapter #195 and Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

CHS President 1985-1989              CHS Vice President 2003-2004


2004       EDWARD GRAD

Dr. Edward A. Grad Jr. passed away on May 17, 2004 at the age of 72. He was married to Page Grad. He had 2 daughters: Denise Grad Tecchio and Michele Grad. At time of his death, he had 2 grandchildren: Nicolai and Anastasia Tecchio.

2003- 2005 CHS Trustee


2003       HERB GOETZ

Herbert W. Goetz passed away on February 14, 2003 at the age of 76. He was married to Florence (Muehlenhard) Goetz who passed away in 2021 at the age of 97. Herb and his wife Florence joined the Coleraine Historical Society in 1985. He was a father of 4: Connie Goetz Miller, Debbie Goetz Poynter, Cindy Goetz Helton, and Beverly Goetz Marts.  At time of his death, he had 2 grandchildren.

Retired from Cincinnati Incorporated and received the National Safety Council Distinguished Service to Safety Award. Former member of Northwest Local School Board.  


1986       ANN WEIGEL

Anna S. Weigel passed away on January 7, 1986 at the age of 89.

Ann never married. Her parents were George and Minnie Weigel. She had 4 siblings: Dorothy, Carl, Edwin and Robert.   

Ann Weigel taught in the Northwest district for 45 years, before retiring in 1960. Ann began her teaching career in the 2 room Round Top School located on Round Top Road and Colerain Ave. (in 2022, the current location of Colerain Bowl) She later transferred to Barnesburg School; then in 1924 started a 35 year tenure at Colerain Elementary School. In 1959-1960, the last year before retiring, Ann taught at Struble Elementary. After she retired, she continued as a substitute teacher. 

Ann Weigel Elementary School was built in 1965 and was named in honor of Ann Weigel, a teacher who taught in the district for 46 years. Her family was a friend of the property owners that the school sits upon. The property owner was Philip Seibert. After selling the property to the district, Mr. Seibert lived on a small patch of land. He watched the school being built and looked forward to the students’ arrival that first year. Unfortunately, Mr. Seibert fell ill and died the day before school was to begin.


1978       CLARENCE RITTENHOUSE        CHS President 1972-1974

Clarence John Rittenhouse passed away in 1978 at the age of 75.

He was born July 19, 1902 to parents William Clark Rittenhouse (born in Nov 1865) and Katherine “Kate” Rittenhouse (born in Feb 1865). Clarence had 3 siblings: Clifford Richard Rittenhouse and 2 others. In 1930 at age 28 he married Violet Clarice Decker (1900-1981).



James Harwood Garrison, called “Harwood” passed away on December 28, 1973 at the age of 76. His parents were Harry Harwood Garrison (1866-1935) and Ellen Hardin Poole (1865-1953). In 1934, he married Dahlia Berlyne Johnson (1906-1993) and had 3 children:  Harry Harwood Garrison, Nancy Garrison Manolis and Lois Garrison Young. 

He graduated from Hughes High School, received an Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati, and then went on to the Harvard Graduate School of Business. Harwood retired from Procter and Gamble after 27 years. For 25 years, he was a member of the Board of the Methodist Home for the Aged and served as Board President.  For 25 years he served on the Board of Christ Hospital and from 1937-1945 he was Treasurer of the Hospital.

The Garrison Family roots stretch back to 1818. Harwood’s grandfather,

Isaac Garrison was one of the original settlers of Cheviot.

In 1842, the family voluntarily changed their home site and donated property for the erection of Westwood Methodist Church.



Today, May 20, 2023

we are placing 7 new bricks

in the pathway.

Members, we are recognizing today are:


2021        VICKI HUMPHREYS     – COVID                       

Passed away in December 2021 at the age of 70 from COVID complications.


A longtime resident of Colerain Township, Vicki loved to take walks in Heritage Park.


Vicki owned Software-to-Systems, a medical billing service in Fairfield founded in 1989. The diverse company handled not only medical billing; but did claim coding, practice management and sold medical software in partnership with McKesson. 


On April 8, 2015, Vicki launched the CHS website and was webmaster until 2016 when she trained Chris Henson to takeover.


2022      USHA BALI                                                

Passed away in June of 2022 at the age of 76.    

Usha was active in the Colerain Artists Group and brought their artwork to the CHS 55th Anniversary celebration in 2019.


Usha was a retired educator. To the students of Westwood Elementary in the Cincinnati Public School District and St. James School in White Oak, she was Miss Bali.  To the Desi community, she was Usha Auntie.   But to so many, she was simply Usha.  


2022        ED LOHSTROH

Passed away November 3, 2022 (age 87)

Ed was preceded in death by his first wife of 53 years Maragaret Roettger Lohstroh

He was survived by his second wife Betty Craynon-Watts

Ed served in the United States Navy in the Naval Construction Battalion (CB). He was proud of his CB service and especially enjoyed the 2 years he was stationed on Grand Turk Island.

Ed lived in Colerain Township and was a longtime member of Groesbeck United Methodist Church and in later years attended Friendship Baptist Church.

He spent many years coaching youth baseball, seeing his own children through little league and coaching countless others. He also spent 50 years making everyone's Christmas a little brighter as Santa Claus.

Ed enjoyed a long career with Proctor and Gamble, retiring from P&G after over 30 years of service. When he wasn't working, coaching or spreading Christmas cheer, he was cherishing time spent with his family and planning his next trip to the Smokey Mountains. 



Passed away January 9 in Indianapolis, Indiana


2023        SALLY FOSTER

Passed away on Saturday, March 4, 2023 at the age of 84.

Sarah A. (maiden name Pflum) Foster, was married to Gregory Foster for 53 years before his passing in 2019.


Sally was born in Lebanon, Ohio and had a passion for history and teaching. She would travel with her family to see historical sites, found joy in riverboat cruises with Greg, family trips to the Outer Banks, countless trips to Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed collecting antiques, pineapples and postcards. Her extensive postcard collection was the foundation for the photos in the "Images of America" book about her beloved Lebanon.


She was involved in the community as a devoted Colerain PTA volunteer, room mom and other countless activities at her kid’s schools.


She volunteered and served in the Northwest Junior Women's Club and as board president for Clovernook Home for the Blind.


Her friendships lasted a lifetime and she spent every first Monday of the month at the Golden Lamb for lunch with her childhood friends for many years.


Her grandchildren will remember a grandma who attended all of their events and who loved them with a kind and generous heart. She never knew a stranger and could put anyone at ease with her big smile and one of her many stories. She was a kind and caring woman who loved her friends and family and will be missed dearly.


2023               CHARLES “CHIC” MARTINI

Passed away March 12, 2023 at the age of 85

He had been married to Claire (nee Zwissler) Martini for  62 years. A graduate of St. Bonaventure School, St. Lawrence Latin School and Roger Bacon High School, Chic was active in his Catholic faith, and a parishioner at St. James Church, White Oak for 54 years.


Chic served 2 years in the U.S. Army after graduation. He loved working for Procter and Gamble and retired after a 35 year career. Together with Claire, they traveled in retirement extensively to 41 countries on all 7 continents.


He loved to play golf, which led Chic and Claire to memberships at Pebble Creek, Deer Run and Miami View Golf Clubs. They played at least one round of golf together in all 50 states. Chic maintained many long-term, loving friendships from the communities of White Oak and South Fairmount.


2023                LARRY SHAD

Passed away Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Age 90 years


Larry was an active, independent, civic minded, engaged citizen, rooted in his family and hometown up until his final weeks.  


Born in Northside his parents slowly moved north, through College Hill and Mt. Airy; finally  purchasing an old farmstead to remodel in Colerain Twp., outside of Dunlap, in the summer of 1950. This farm would later be the Shad Subdivision that he subdivided and built quality homes upon with his father and eventually all his family members lived.  


Larry enlisted in the Air Force and served a tour of duty in the Korean War, servicing gunnery units on B-29s in Okinawa.  He was proud of his service in the Air Force, allowing him as he said to “see the world and become open-minded to new people and thinking”.  


He returned to Cincinnati, going to school at the Ohio Mechanics Institute for mechanical drafting and working for several local businesses in drafting and civil engineering.  In 1976, he founded Lawrence E Shad Surveying, where he ran his business and worked long into his 70’s though never really retiring from the craft.  And if you ever travelled with Larry around Delhi, Green Township, Springfield Township and his beloved Colerain Township; you rarely passed a street before he would say “I surveyed that!”  


Community service began early for Larry.  Returning home from Korea, he became a charter member of the Dunlap Volunteer Fire Dept. in 1955. When he passed, Larry was the last surviving charter member of Dunlap Volunteer Fire Department.

He and his wife Jerri were married for 49 years, until her death in 2007.   They were actively engaged in the founding of Colerain Heritage Park. Everyone considered Larry as the ‘unofficial park ambassador’ pouring much of his energy into continuing the research on the location of Dunlap’s Station/Fort Colerain, mapping the significant relocation of the Great Miami River, and construction of the historic floods monument.  


In 2021 and 2022, he created and personally guided history tours through Heritage Park.  And if you caught him on his nearly daily walks there with his park and eagle-watching friends, he would gladly greet you and adlib about the park, Colerain and Cincinnati history.


His fondest devotion was his decades of leadership and service to the Coleraine Historical Society, where he wrote articles and was often referred to as “Mr. Colerain” because “Larry can probably answer that!”  He spearheaded Colerain-centric projects including the saving, storing and permanently relocating the Blue Rock/Banning Toll House, Flood Pole and establishing the society’s museum.  


He was honored by Colerain Township Trustees, proclaiming Larry Shad Day on his 89th birthday and was again honored as a Hometown Hero in 2022 by the Colerain Chamber of Commerce.


Larry was fondly thought of by his many friends, acquaintances, colleagues and community leaders for his generosity of time, spirit, and his sincere commitment to his neighbors and home.


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