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Fort Dunlap Photo
Fort Dunlap Photo
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.
The Coleraine Historical Society Inc.

             Giles-Richards Watering Trough                  Clean-up and Replacement Sign


We reached our goal!!!


THANKS to the recent

generous donation from

CHS Member

Dennis Haskamp





 Sadly, in September 2016, the Ohio Historic Sign for the Watering Trough took a direct hit from a vehicle. The cast bronze sign is in many pieces and needs to be replaced. This was the second break for the sign and therefore it cannot be repaired.


A new replacement sign and post costs $2200 


Through our fundraising campaign, we have received:

November 2018           RUMPKE  COMMUNITY FUND                       $500 Grant

February 2019              COLERAIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE        $500 Grant

March 2019    BUTLER RURAL ELECTRIC Community Connection   $500 Grant

September 2019      Individuals donated                                         $260 

June 2020                  CHS Member Betty Sandoz                             $220

June 2020                  CHS Member Mary Burdett                             $50 

July 2020                    CHS Member Dennis Haskamp                      $180                                  

         Many Thanks to all who Donated 


Questions? Reach us through our "Contact Us" page


Many THANKS to

Rumpke Community Fund

for the $500 Grant

Many THANKS to

Colerain Chamber of Commerce

for the $500 Grant


Many THANKS to

Butler Rural Electric

Community Connection

                                 for the $500 Grant


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